15 Nov 2021

The water stream from the fire hydrants can mean the difference between life and death. These water flow systems are used to control the fire if it occurs in any commercial and residential property. Simply put, fire controlling and prevention companies source water from fire hydrants to get the right water flow and create a hydrant flow test chart after inspection. These hydrants must be tested from time to time to ensure that they are working well. Regular fire hydrant inspection is a must!

It helps you ensure that the hydrants can supply water whenever and wherever required. The question is how you can know if the fire hydrant company you are hiring is capable of proper testing? Here are a few things to consider when hiring a fire hydrant testing company.

Check their Experience

Fire hydrant testing should be done by professional contractors or city officials. They inspect these systems to verify the water flow at various locations across America. They calculate the residual and static water pressure, in addition to the rate of water discharge in GPM (gallons-per-minute). The inspection needs technical knowledge of the working of the water hydrant. So, it’s important that you check the experience of the contracts before hiring them.

Compliance with the NFPA’s Guidance

choose a right fire hydrant testing company

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has described the fire hydrant testing flow test procedure and protocols that must be followed when inspecting water hydrants for maintenance. The NFPA 291 suggests the minimal water pressure of a fire hydrant and how often these systems are to be tested for water maintenance. The fire hydrant company should be aware of the NFPA’s inspection guidelines, and they must be willing to comply with these conditions.

Visit their Website

Take a look at the company’s website to know about the fire hydrant testing jobs they have completed in the past, what experience they have in this industry, and if they have a qualified team of technicians. There is a good chance they have a website where they have listed the services the company offers, the charges, past jobs, the qualification of each technician, and other details. 

Do They Have the Right Equipment

Ask what equipment the fire hydrant will testing company bring. Do they have the right set of equipment? Generally, a fire hydrant inspection company brings a flow test kit that contains different nozzle sizes that can be attached to the hydrants and the handheld pitot gauge. The kit also has a hydrant wrench and a ruler that help with the measurement. These tools also help in fire hydrant flow test reports.

These are the basic tools needed for fire hydrant inspection, though the technicians can bring additional equipment. You need to check whether the fire hydrant company has the right tools to conduct proper testing. 

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