18 Jun 2021

You call a team of firefighters when you see a building or a retail store on fire. These professionals bring their firetruck that contains gallons of water. Unfortunately, at times, the water isn’t sufficient in controlling the fire.
The fire can spread quickly, especially if there are flammable products in the surroundings. That’s when the fire hydrants come into the picture.
The fire hydrants are used to extinguish the fire by supplying water at high speed. It is, therefore, important to inspect the fire hydrants every few years.
To ensure that these fire hydrants are in working condition, the National Fire Protection Association recommended fire hydrant testing. Here’s all you need to know about fire hydrant testing and its importance.

Why is Fire Hydrant Testing Needed?

Fire engines have a limited volume of water, which is often insufficient for putting out a large fire. So, a fire department needs quick access to the fire hydrants that supply water at high pressure. It is the only way to extinguish the fire that’s spreading quickly.
Fire hydrant testing ensures that these systems are working correctly and can be accessed whenever needed. Of course, you don’t know when you will use the fire hydrants. So, testing the fire hydrants in advance is important if you want these systems to deliver the best results.
Fire hydrant testing requirements should be a part of your regular maintenance services. Any issue in the hydrant can be fixed quickly when it is detected in advance.

fire hydrant testing


Who Performs Fire Hydrant Testing?

Any qualified and experienced technician can conduct fire hydrant testing. If you are hiring a fire hydrant testing company, check their experience and get a quote before making any decision. The technicians must be aware of the NFPA’s fire hydrant flow test procedure and the latest trends in the hydrant testing industry to deliver the best performance.
The National Fire Protection Association has set the guidelines for hydrant testing. The technicians must comply with these standards and test the fire hydrants after every use. Only a professional technician can open the hydrant’s barrel to check the speed of the stream and gallon per minute flow.
They use the hydraulic pressure gauge for speed and flow testing.
In addition to the water flow, the testing company will inspect:

  • Accessibility of the hydrant
  • Any leak in the hydrant
  • How tight the caps are
  • Worn outlet
  • Cracks or other damages in the barrel
  • Worn nut

The technicians craft a fire hydrant flow test report based on the evaluation that decides whether repair or replacement is necessary. Fire hydrants should not only be in good working order, but they must be accessible.
Plus, it must be easier for the firefighters to open the barrel quickly in the right direction when needed.
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